Shipping and return policies for UNKNOWN PLEASURES RECORDS

Shipping Info
Shipping INFO : if you place an order for a CD or vinyl it will be the cost for a unregistered shipping.
If you prefer REGISTERED shipping with tracking number (Mondial Relay for France is the less expensive), please CONTACT US by mail at

For multiples items, please also contact us before your order to know our best shipping costs and possible discount.

WARNING : If you don't request a tracking number we aren't responsible for lost parcels by international postal services !

Shipping Costs CD :
France : 1 CD = 2.16€ / 2 CD = 3,94€
Europe : 1CD = 3.00€ / 2 CD = 7,50€
World : 1CD = 3.00€

International with Tracking Number (without insurance)
CD : 5,50€ (2 CD = 9,70€ / 4 CD 13,60€)
Vinyls: 10,00€

For more than one CD copy and considering the impressive increase in postal shipping costs in France and around the world, we will now send you your orders via Mondial Relay which is the best shipping option for a recent price. If you want bulk orders (over 50 euros) contact us directly and we will give you a more attractive price.
Thanks for support !